“Maleon’s consultants always have our client’s business objectives at the core of every engagement.”

We are well recognised for lateral thinking in our approach, having a commercial view and protecting our client’s best interests rather than just a bricks and mortar approach.
Whether we are designing a data centre and saving money on power, advising a client on infrastructure savings on master planning or helping an asset manager maximise occupier returns in workplace environments, we always keep one eye on your property and the other on your balance sheet.
Our pedigree in financial performance in property has been documented at the highest level.
We have led and achieved outstanding returns on investment for US investment banking data centre environments here in the UK approaching seven figures.
Our consultants regularly work side-by-side with the UK’s largest FTSE listed real estate investment trusts and property funds at the pre-acquisition stage and throughout the property life-cycle to maximise shareholder returns.
The measure of our success in out-performing financial gains for our clients is reflected in our customer base.
Over 15% of the current FTSE 100 have worked with us, and we are increasingly becoming a specialist provider to real estate investment trusts and asset management firms both in London, across the UK, and internationally.